Arrows: Move
Shift: Dash
Space: Jump + Double Jump

One thing! You will be defeating the same boss over and over,  as he grows stronger!
1 Frame, 1 Asshole, 1 Boss, only 1 way to go!
You have to get past Dr. Snookums to the other side of the screen.

Once upon a time there lived a hamster named Snookum's, he loved his owner very very much but one day his owner got a new pet. A pet cat! The arch nemesis of hamsters or so he has heard from the internet! This cat ruined his very life by just existing and he must have his revenge! He donned his top hat and monocle and then went to college for 8 years to attain his new title, Dr. Snookum's! You play as Gemini trying to stop Dr. Snookum's rampage.

Created by
Graphics & Design: Zeblackcat
Coding: Faerie of the Plum
Level Design & Misc: Sarion

Special thanks to Mizu for the story

Special Thanks for Music
Creo - Rock Thing


The Revenge of Dr. Snookums for Windows 59 MB

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