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W / S = Accelerate or Decelerate 
A / D = Turn Left or Right

Grab your marbles and your plushies!
Because it's time for the interplanetary competition to begin!

In the adventures of the "Spaceship Terrapin"
you control your plushy turtle to fly through space. 
Trying to catch the Planet marbles by surrounding them with your trail!

In "New Game" the objective is to grab all the marbles before continuing on to the next level.
Whilst in "Score Attack" you try to see how many planets you can catch in the given time.
Due to this being in beta... the "can" part is slightly more literal, but since it was something playable we didn't want withhold you all the enjoyment of trying it out for yourself.

Created by:
Fairy of the Plum (Coding & Music)
Zeblackcat (Art & Animation)

Post your highscores for the score attack in the comments below!


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About that annoying Full Screen button. Uncheck the box for showing the full sreen button. Then only the good (blue one) should be there ;)

It feels so nice to play, played it for like 10 minutes but it felt like 2 minutes, one thing I noticed is that the music just suddenly stop. Kinda sad, the music was very fitting to the theme :)

I played and had fun. :D reminded me of the good games I played as a kid.